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How-To Articles for Public Schools, Parents, and Community and Faith Leaders

Teaching Hints
What's Working - Practical Suggestions from Teachers on the Front Lines

School-Wide Practices

Character Formation

Improving the School Environment

Character Traits

Destructive Attitudes and Practices


Athletics and Character


How Communities Develop Character

Issues and Opportunities for Families

Books on Character

  • Comments on Books - Our personal comments on books that are motivating and informing us on developing character in our students, our children and ourselves.



*Reprinted by permission from IMPRIMIS, the national speech digest of Hillsdale College

**Reprinted by permission of Dr. Thomas Lickona and the Center for the Fourth and Fifth RS

*Previously we published on this site a poem called "How do you live your dash?" We recently learned that this poem actually entitled, "Tha Dash," was written by Linda M. Ellis of Linda's Lyrics, http://www.lindaslyrics.com/ and that Ms. Ellis owns and has registered the copyright to her poem. We are glad that we can now credit Ms. Ellis as the author and copyright owner of "Tha Dash."