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"Whether I am looking for a story, a quote, or great discussion questions, there is always something on this site to fit the bill. It's well organized and easy to search. I am always happy to pass it on to schools who are at the beginning or mid-stage of their character education programs and looking for ideas to engage kids of all ages." (Educational Consultant, Alberta, Canada)


"This is absolutely great! I especially like the "Leader Hints" to get me in the frame of mind that goes along with the topic before I begin teaching it to the class. Good technique." (Elementary School Counselor)


"Your lessons are awesome! Using real-life people and stories to convey a message or lesson is definitely a good thing that people/kids can really relate to." (Prevention Educator for a domestic violence/sexual assault agency.)


"I'm a middle school leadership teacher and this information is overwhelming! I have found so many useful ideas and stories through your site. Our school goal for next year is to create some type of school wide character education focus and your character traits curriculum seems to be a perfect fit."


"Wow! Another invigorating lesson!  I will use this all week.  After printing out the resilience lesson plan, I am so excited!  My guys will really get  involved in this.  Thank you so much.  I am so relieved that I have found ya'll."  (Middle School Special Needs Teacher)


"The illustrations that Mr. Miller provided for the PRIDE HIGH  classroom discussions allowed the students to relate modern and classical figures to the dilemmas that they face today. It is important that today's students understand that some of the most successful people in history had repeated failures and difficult situations that they had to overcome in order to positively impact themselves and others."  (Phillip D. Page, Ph.D., High School Character Education Coordinator, Cobb County School System; Assistant Principal, Lassiter High School, Marietta, Georgia.)


"What a valuable service! We have used so many of your suggested activities
and anecdotes with such great success. It's making a difference in Norwalk,
Ohio!" (Tiina Ruffing, Character at Work program coordinator, Huron County, 
Department of Job and Family Services)


(Your custom lesson was) "FANTASTIC!  PERFECT!  I loved the comments at the end!  I'm excited about this!"


"I have to say that this lesson ("Honesty") is AWESOME!  I can really see this working in my classroom because my students will be able to relate to the activities (i.e. Liar, Liar...Spiderman....using candy, etc...much better than my boring lecture about honesty) and be involved." (Sixth Grade Social Studies Teacher)


"What an AWESOME site!  Thanks!  I can't wait to show it to my staff.  Keep up the great work!"


"Thank you so much for the skit on peer pressure.  We finally presented in front of the school on Monday.  The skit was extremely well received, and my students received a lot of compliments from other staff and classmates. I appreciate your ideas!  Thank you so much!!"


"The lessons on courage are fantastic!!  I  co-chair character ed at my middle school along with teaching 6th grade Language Arts....These are the best lessons I've seen so far and I've been researching this for awhile. Thanks for putting it out there!  Keep up the great work!"


"PERFECT!!!!!  The story (for a custom lesson) is superb!! Thanks a million!!" (Elementary School Counselor)


"I teach Character Education at an elementary school in the Philippines. I've used your site since 2005. At first I used your resources only for my lessons, but over time, I find myself reading to learn real life lessons for myself. The material helps me a lot as an individual. Your lesson guides and articles - using research-based stories from well-known people - make it easy to deliver my lessons. I'm really glad that I found this site. It's not just a great help for an educator like me, but also for all who have a passion to teach, learn, and share knowledge about real life. Thank you very much!"  (Floripez Marinduque, Diliman Preparatory School. Philippines)



"It's been 5 years since I was roped into leading a character education classroom once a month in a local high school. Since then, it's become my passion! If only I'd had these "Legacy" resources when I started! I search the net regularly for ideas for my classes in two schools and have yet to find anything as extensive, practical and compelling as www.character-education.info ." (Character Ed Community Leader)